Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainwater by Sarah Dallas

I really liked this book.
It was one of those quiet stories that slowly drew me in and then it barreled to the end was over.

Rainwater tells the story of a sad and lonely boarding house owner with an autistic son in the middle of the dust bowl.  Into this sorry life strolls Mr. Rainwater.  He is the new boarder in Mrs. Barron's boarding house and he is dying.  That is a secret shared with Mrs. Barron when Mr. Rainwater's doctor cousin delivers him.

And that is how it begins.  

The two circle around one another polite, at arms length, waiting for something.  And then the government begins shooting cows at the neighboring dairy farms to provide a little money for the farmers.  But, those shots set off something else in the town and eventually in Mrs. Barron, Solly (her son) and Mr. Rainwater.  

There is a predictable strand to this story - but it is comfortable and sweet.

So - I would definitely recommend this one!