Saturday, November 1, 2014

Havana Storm by Clive Cussler

image from LibraryThing
When I get a hankering for a fast page turner - I am always pleased when there is a new Dirk Pitt novel to read.

So I was really excited to see this new title in Target when I was shopping this week!  Cussler gave me a page turner - but...I have read enough of these to be able to anticipate most of the twists and turns!

Just a little background...Dirk Pitt has done to Marine Biologists what Indiana Jones did to Archeologists!  Picture Dirk as a mixture of Indie + McGyver and with the looks of Matthew Mcconaughey!  He is smart and honest and witty and strong and and get the picture!!

I knew before I started reading that in this book there would be a looming oceanographic disaster that only Dirk and colleagues notice, it will include a shady figure from a foreign land and some sort of diving exploration that will go bad.  There will be explosions and gun fire and close scrapes with death.  And in the end - against all odds - Dirk will save the world with a self-deprecating flair!

And as I began reading - I was not disappointed.  There is something comforting in a formula that works!  The villians were current and rather cold-blooded.  And everything was tied up in a neat bow before the rest of us mere mortals even knew there was a problem!  Just the way heroes are supposed to work!

A fast and enjoyable read!