Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thirteen Treasures by Michelle Harrison

image from LibraryThing
This was an interesting and fun read. The story is about Tanya a young girl who has an ability she wishes she didnt, she can see and talk to fairies and other little creatures. But the fairies she interacts with are vicious and vindictive, torturing her at night. Because of her odd behavior her mother decides to get rid of her for awhile and sends her to the overgrown home of her grandmother. She hates this home because of the creepy caretaker Warwick and his nasty son Fabian, and because no one wants her there, that is abundantly clear. The home is on the edge of Hangmans woods, a space she and Fabian are strictly forbidden to explore. The story continues in a mildly predictable fashion.

But, the part that really interests me about this story is how often descriptions and spells turn up in a variety of books. This happened over and over here. I was reminded of the Chestnut King. The fairies are much the same, and they both talk about the Seelie Court.

Anyway, I read this in an afternoon and would recommend it for those just getting started in fantasy worlds.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

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This is the first Dessen I've read, and I really liked it! McLean Sweet is a master at remaking herself. Her mom and dad divorced in a messy and public ordeal- affair with a basketball coach at the favorite college. McLean's dad took a job remaking failing restaurants and she decided to join him. Four schools and four personalities later she is a pro at traveling light, no strings, no ties, no reason to say goodbye.

But, this time it was different. This time she allowed people to see the real her and she got sick of her mother pretending everything was the way it used to be, but mostly she made friends.

I believed in McLean and Gus her dad, and the kids she collected. It felt real and honest. I wanted her to notice Dave for who he was, and cheered when she reached out to the fringe sitter Deb.

Reading this as a mom whose daughter is in college across the country, and who sometimes feels each and every mile stretching between us made me feel for Katie, McLean's mom. I could understand her longing and her hovering. But, not enough to overlook the frustrations on the other end of the phone-smothering is smothering! I recognize it from both sides!

This is a great story - one I would recommend