Sunday, March 16, 2014

On Fortune's Wheel (The Kingdom Series #2) by Cynthia Voigt

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Let me say how much I HATE the title of this book!  It doesn't do justice to the story!

Ok - that's off my chest so I can tell you about the book.

The Kingdom series continues. This an intriguing twist on a series - because this doesn't follow regular idea of a series.  Instead of following Gwynn in this story - it skips ahead to her granddaughter, Birle.  There are definite parallels between the books - at least at the beginning.  It's about an Innkeeper's daughter who is supposed to be ready to be married - and has chosen very wrongly!! And then there is a twist.

Her path crosses with a strange young lord who is running away from something or other.  And that is the start.  There is love at first site for Birle - but is it the excitement of the journey or the cornflower blue eyes or the chance for something different or a little of all three?  Whatever the draw - they (Birle and Orion) travel together to the edges of the known world and the end of all they know - including their freedom.  Along the way they share their stories and their dreams and their hopes and eventually their love.

And then they make their way back home - to Orion's home where he is an Earl and Birle is only one of the people.  So then what?

I really liked this story!  I think it was my favorite of the series.  I loved Birle - her steadfast love for Orion was just what the romantic in me loves!  And yes - this book completely demonstrates the wheel of fortune turning.  But that title makes sense for me reading this as an adult...not so sure it would for YA readers.

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