Monday, July 28, 2014

The Beach House by Georgia Bockoven

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This seemed an appropriate book for a beach read.

This is the story of a house, a beach cottage nestled on the coast of California, battered by sea and wind and lovingly cared for.  A house that welcomes families to the freedom of summer each year. But this summer is a year of lasts for the house and the people who love it.

This house has a variety of caretakers - there is Julia, it's owner, a woman drowning in the sorrow of her husband's unexpected death.  Julia has come to the house as she did every summer  - but this year will be her last. Owning the house that was filled with such love is just too difficult for her. - so she has come to get it ready to sell.

The house used to be owned by Maggie and Joe.  And part of the agreement when they sold it to Julia's husband was that they would still spend a month there each summer.  As they arrive this year - they know it will be their last, Maggie is dying of cancer.  So they have decided to fill their last summer with all their favorite things.  But, neighbor children make them reconsider a summer filled with doing.  Instead, they become surrogate grandparents and spend their summer just being.  But, as their month comes to a close, Maggie and Joe make a decision that changes everything.

August brings a new family to the house.  But, this year it isn't a family.  Instead it is only Katherine, the wife of a preacher and mom to two growing boys who is hiding a secret.

I liked the easy read with hints of depth. The story about Maggie and Joe was hard to read - but gave me lots to think about.  I cared about the summer visitors and wanted to see joy in their lives - they each seemed so full of pain.

This was another great beach read - and vacation book #4.

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