Wednesday, February 8, 2017

1st To Die (Women's Murder Club) By James Patterson

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Brides and Grooms are being murdered on their wedding day!  What a horrible way for a book to begin - but I was caught as soon as Lindsay Boxer began investigating.

Lindsay has a new partner and isn't too happy about Chris Raleigh and his PR roots.  His polish is the opposite of her gritty, tough woman persona. And then the pesky reporter, Cindy Thomas gets in the way. She is trying to make a name for herself in order to move from the Metro section to crime. And she has a way of figuring out what is going on.

So, Lindsay takes a chance.  She invites Cindy to accompany her to drinks with her biggest support network - Claire Washburn, the coroner.  And that is the beginning of the Women's Murder Club. Three ladies who are tough and smart and on top of their careers and putting their heads together helps the investigation.That would be enough for the club - but they need legal help. Bring in the assistant District Attorney, Jill Bernhardt.  And the club is complete.

The club is only one side of the story though.

This story is also told in first person by the killer - which is creepy!  And as you find in all crime shows and novels - there are missteps on who this suspect is.  All eyes focus on the author of a book about bride and groom crimes.  Is it really him though??

Then there is a final confrontation between Lindsay and the killer.
There is also a sad love story and a bunch of female bonding.

This was the perfect book to read on the beach!  Quick page turner without having to put tons of energy into figuring out the story.  I loved it!!
Costa Rica book #3

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