Monday, June 25, 2007

dwelling places by: Vinita Hampton Wright

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Just as the land hides the history of those who have passed - so this book does.

Wright creates a family deeply tied to the land, yet unable to make the transformation demanded by so many today as farming evolves into megafarms. This is a family who worked and laughed together and hid the deep depression that comes from failing at something that you are expected to succeed at.

 As each of the 4 family members; Mack, Jodie and their two children Young Taylor and Kenzie, search for a new belonging they first find it in others. Yet tragedy and near tragedy bring them back to one another.

It was hard for me to leave this story. Maybe because it was written about southeastern Iowa, maybe because it’s sort of 40-something, maybe because they are all seeking a new dwelling place - a new transition.

 Whatever the reason I found myself thinking a lot about Jodie and her life.

Very interesting!


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