Monday, June 25, 2007

for one more day by: Mitch Albom

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This is another Mitch Albom thought provoking book.

Charley Benetto is one messed up fellow. His father ran out on them when he was quite young. His father had asked Charley to choose to be a mama's boy or his. Charley chose to follow his father and it was the wrong choice.

His dad was fixated on Baseball. Charley tried to continue that fath even after his dad and mom divorced. It led him to a full college scholarship. then Dad appeared again and convinced him to leave college and chase pro ball. He made it to one inning of the world series then blew out his knee in spring training. He kept chasing the dream, but it didn't quite work. His dad disappeared once again - until he was old enough to really know better. It was one more phone call to go to an old - timers game. He left his Mom's party to travel to the game with his dad. His mom died of a heart attack the next day.

Now the guilt has destroyed him He decided to kill himself - he drove to his old home town and had a head on collision. He was thrown from the car and came to climbing the water tower. He climbed to the top and jumped off in a 2nd attempt. As he came to again he saw his mother on the ball field and thus starts this one more day with mom. As he goes to and fro with his mom their story comes out and he hears again and again how his mom believes in him and loves him. That's the bottom line - love. As his mom helps others get ready to pass over - Charley hears his own story again. It's an interesting book about parental love and commitment. This was our December Book club.


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